And now for some incredible Dragon Age art

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King Jeff Bridges

You thought Friday had some kickass art? Actually, yes, yes it did. SO how about some more then, from that other EA franchise, Dragon Age? Once again, the CGHub via Kotaku has revealed some stunning pieces of arts, as the pros from that industry have come together to put their own stamp on that more medieval world.

A new competition was held for members recently, inviting them to design their very own Dragon Age character, based on either existing or completely new races from that game. And the results, well, speak for themselves. A Dragon Age game where you can play as a Volus merchant? Oh come on EA, you know this is exactly the one thing that the upcoming third game needs! That, or nice shiny red uniforms. Two things!

 And now for some incredible Dragon Age art 2

See the rest of the entries for yourself, right here.

Last Updated: January 4, 2017

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