Home Gaming And the winners of the Max Payne 3 and Ghost Recon Future Soldier contests are…

And the winners of the Max Payne 3 and Ghost Recon Future Soldier contests are…

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I love Smirnoff Vodka but I'm too scared to buy a bottle of it. I mean, what if I actually win those tickets for the Madonna concert?

What time is it? Winning on a Friday Adventure Time! Thanks to the fine folks over at Megarom Interactive, we had not one, but two awesome contests for you to enter. Gavin had a Max Payne 3 bag stuffed full of games, and he asked you to guess how many he had managed to cram in there, with the winner receiving the bag, and the runner up grabbing some cool paraphernalia.

Meanwhile, we also had a kickass Ghost Recon Future Soldier hamper to give away, along with a PS3 copy of the game. So let’s see who the winners are, shall we?

And the winner of the Max Payne 3 bag, T-shirt, Bullet pen and Ammo flask is…


 Cleric! Congrats buddy, we’ll be in touch shortly. You, and two others, guessed the magic number for the bag contents, at 70. As for the consolation prize, that goes to runner-up Bane, while Pantsula is our Twitter contest winner.

You guys win a Max Payne T-shirt, Bullet pen and Ammo flask each.


And the winner of the Ghost Recon Future Soldier PS3 game,T-shirt,polo shirt, steelcase, glow in the dark sticker and neck mask is…


Anon A Mouse! Well done! We’ll contact you soon as well. Remember guys, while we will do our best to get your attention, if we receive no replies within five days of your name being announced, then the runner-ups will claim your prize instead.

Stay tuned to the site amigos, as we have more contests coming up soon.

Last Updated: May 25, 2012

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