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[Updated] And your local Wii U price is…

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The Wii U is something that has stirred up technolust within me once again. The hardware is there, the idea is solid and the launch games look pretty damn good. But all that techno-wizadry comes at a price, at the end of the day. So how much does the Wii U cost then? Well, cover your monitor in plastic and grab a cup of coffee, because you’re looking at paying…

…R5454.95  R4799.95 for a deluxe version of the ZombiU bundle console, from a listing spotted on Kalahari.com. Oh jeez, you got caffeine all over me. Not cool. Granted, that’s for a console that includes a copy of ZombiU and a pro controller, but minus those two extrass from the equation, and theoretically, that deluxe console will cost you …lots.

And to put that into perspective, the US price for the deluxe console is $350 , or around R3037 when converted. Hell, we’d estimated that the local mark-up on the console would leave it in the R3500-R3800 price range, but pricing the next-gen Nintendo device at this level could leave it gathering dust on store shelves this Christmas.

We’ll update the article as soon as we hear more from the local distributors of Nintendo, if this price is for real. Stay tuned. Big thanks to Uberutang for the link.


We’ve just heard from Kalahari, and they say that the bundle above will actually retail for R4800. Which is more in line with the UK price. Progress! Based on that, we expect the Deluxe Wii U to retail closer to R4000, and R3500 for the standard version. We’ll update as we hear more. 

Last Updated: October 29, 2012

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