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Andrew Wilson, other EA executives, hand out their annual bonuses to employees

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It was revealed that the monolith AAA games publisher has been doing at least something to make it up to the hundreds of workers in their employ


Look, we all know EA hasn’t got the greatest reputation at the moment. The publisher has become known for their often seedy and arguably unethical monetary practices, with the implementation of pay-to-win loot boxes in Star Wars Battlefront 2 to the more recent confusing pricing around Anthem for some rather lacklustre additions to the game. But to give the company some credit, it does seem to be trying to do some decent deeds under the table. In a recent interview, GameDaily.biz did with Andrew Wilson, they spoke to several other higher-ups in the company regarding Wilson’s leadership.


The CEO copped to his mistakes and the recent blunders EA’s experienced, which, fair game, is a pretty big step forward for Wilson who often hides behind the big-business corporate lifestyle. The dude hasn’t exactly run the tightest ship but in what seems like a fairly candid interview he made it clear that he knows about his mistakes and is actively trying to fix them. The other interesting titbit of information to come out of the article were several reports from employees of EA detailing how Wilson and several other executives higher up the food chain voluntarily gave up their annual bonus payments for the 2019 fiscal year and instead spread that money out amongst all the companies employees.


Which is a really unexpected and fairly generous too. I don’t want to presume too much, but I think it’s always healthier to look at these things optimistically, and the fact that EA executives have done such an act without making a big publicity stunt out of it is pretty. I know you’ll say, “Well, if it’s not a publicity stunt, why are you writing about this?”

Well, because it was a group of anonymous employees that told this news to Gamingbiz.com, not some press release authored by those same CEOs. It’s sad that something like this happens so rarely, but in a year where EA has been battling to really maintain a decent relationship with the public and laying off 350 employees, it’s nice to know that they’re at least trying to do something about the in-house morale.

Last Updated: June 24, 2019

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