Animal Crossing for Wii before Christmas

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Nintendo has said Animal Crossing: Let’s Go to the City will be out before Christmas. Sometime in December to be exact.

The game, first shown back at E3 in July, comes bundled with Wii speak, the little microphone thing you also put on top of your TV.  The aim of this will be chatting to friends whose towns can be visited using the Wi-Fi connection. Letters and items can be sent to them from town post offices, too.

But honestly from what I’ve seen I really don’t think a little microphone and the ability to send letters to other players over Wi-Fi , really makes up for the complete lack of innovation this title seems to be suffering from. So you can visit town now, ooh there’s more stores, so what? Nintendo had the chance with this title to really bring the wii’s online capability’s out of the dark ages, create a solid community and it appears they have failed. This should have been the Wii’s first MMO. Instead relying on the same formula they used for Mariokart and Super Smash Bro’s, and essentially re-releasing the Gamecube version with a couple of added extras, or in Mariokart’s case, some removed. Sorry Nintendo seems you’ve really dropped the ball on this one.

Last Updated: September 25, 2008

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