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Another Aliens: Colonial Marines patch is inbound

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The first quarter of the gaming calendar is almost over, and we’ve seen some magnificent games released so far, with one or two other big names rounding off that period. We’ve also seen some decidedly craptastic garbage shovelled out, and that includes Aliens: Colonial Marines. Thanks to the fact that the game is more painful than a chestburster, people have been more than a little bit peeved so far. Which is why more patches are on the way.

Speaking at the PAX East panel via Kotaku, Gearbox developers confirmed that the new fixes for the game will see several changes to the gameplay. Those changes include:

  • More aggressive AI
  • Tweaked difficulty
  • Better data protection
  • More combat feedback (Smart Gun Tracking, Xeno Death Animation)
  • Improved PC Visuals
  • Support for Hot Fixes coming online

Just don’t expect an apology for a game that has already received a 4gig patch for better visuals on PC. It still reinforces the idea that Gearbox farmed the project over to developer TimeGate during the five year incubation process, resulting in the lacklustre final product.

Geoff decided that he hates me more than usual, and recently foisted the game into my care. And awmahgerd, he was right.

Aliens: CM Punk’d is like taking a Face-Hugger Xenomorph to the…er, face. And by now, I seriously doubt that a patch is going to help the people who have actually played the game.

Last Updated: March 25, 2013

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