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Another GTA 5 rumour blowout

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Clickonline has posted up a list of rumours and information around GTAV which has apparently come from one of those anonymous insiders and while we don’t know if this information can be trusted there are a few interesting points here.

The one that jumped out at me is that GTAV will not have any children in it and GTA never will. I never noticed the lack of children in GTA but I do think it’s a good thing.

Other interesting rumours are that we’ll see animals in GTAV, should be an easy port from Red Dead Redemption. Planes will be hijack-able again but I expect this to be taken out of the game as soon as Fox news hears about it.

Oh and you’re going to be a 30 something year old black African American who has never seen Africa and has no idea why everyone insists on telling him he’s not a true American like they are since he can’t trace his heritage back to Europe.

Okay fine, here’s the whole list I’m going to go rant over at Google+ instead.

– The lead will be a 30 something black man
– GTA V will be four times bigger than GTA IV, with settings including countryside, a forest and beaches. It apparently takes as much as 15 minutes to get from the centre of the game’s city to the forest on its outskirts. Tasty.
– The game features all new animations and visuals, which will mark a big improvement on those found in GTA IV.
– Responsiveness has been greatly improved.
– There are more than 100 important, or semi-important non-playable characters.
– There are no children in the game, and apparently there never will be.
– Animals will feature in the game environment for the first time.
– Players can choose to hijack planes.
– Cars need to be refuelled.
– Players can blow up cars by shooting a trail of gasoline.
– You can use random civilians as a human shield.
– The weather will affect gameplay.
– Social mini games are gone, but games like basketball and weight training are necessary to build player stamina.
– You can take part in underground cage fights and arm wrestling competitions.
– Your character’s skills controlling vehicles will improve with experience.
– You can make home made weapons.
– You can lock doors and barricade yourself into buildings.
– Cops will use tear gas, attack dogs and riot gear among other items. Pursuits will be more realistic.
– Weapons available include remote mines, flamethrowers, trip wires, claymores, swords and axes.
– The game will feature large scale interior environments which include shopping malls, hospitals, police stations and sprawling underground sewers.

Last Updated: November 25, 2011

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