Another quick update on our legal battle

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I’ve received a few questions in public and private recently about the on going court battle that Colin Webster has launched against me. There isn’t much to say now but here is the quick update.

Mr Webster has filed his returning affidavit in time. I’m not sure what I am and am not allowed to say about what’s been written in that document but I can say nothing new was brought up and while the end result of litigation can never be predicted I do feel we are in the right.

The next step now is that Colin’s attorneys need to present their heads of argument by the 7th of May (I think) and then finalise ours before the 21st of May and then we meet in High Court on the 22nd of May.

Colin Webster didn’t feel he needed to show his face at the last court appointment, as is his right, and I’m not going to be surprised if he doesn’t show on the 22nd.

I will however be there and will let you know exactly how it goes.

In exciting news we have secured a hefty amount of funding from an external source which I cannot reveal at this time. Once the legal is sorted out on that I will let you know but I will say for now it’s funding that a group puts aside for media outlets who are abused by the court systems.

So right now we should have the full amount required thanks to you guys who put forward a whopping R34 000 in shirt purchases and donations. I’ve put forward an additional R30 000 so far and the fund should cover the rest. The court case delay has also enabled me two extra months of my main job as a software developer to raise more funds so I can now look forward to not having to sell my car to cover costs.

Nothing about litigation is fun and I truly wish this could have been settled amicably but sometimes logic can’t win out.

Again please keep your comments clean as Colin Webster is reading all these articles and printing them off as evidence. You are free to comment but please keep the insults and accusations to something that is factually backed up.

And on that note, Hi Colin


Last Updated: February 20, 2017

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