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Anyone got $1900 so that I can look like Batman?

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Cosplay is a taxing hobby, that can easily be described with a Venn diagram aligned along comfort, authenticity and cost. Something cheap may be comfortable, but you might end up looking like less like Robocop and more like Hobocop with all that cardboard. Likewise, a premium Captain America costume that features authentic leathers, stars and spangled banners with a shield that could stop actual bullets may win an award or two, but you’re going to pay out of your arse to have it constructed.

I’ve been on the receiving side of these costume hazards. I know the joy of being confined within a thick layer of rubber in sweltering heat while I hallucinate that Anthony Bourdain is about to eat my face off on live TV, because heatstroke isn’t funny when it’s happening to you. Not to mention that looking good and undermining the scene doesn’t exactly feel comfy.

There is an alternative to all of this however: Leather. In the right hands, motorcycle leathers can look like proper superhero suits and keep you safe from a cataclysmic accident. That’s the idea behind the clothes and protective wear from UD Replicas, a studio that has been cranking out various Batman suits over the years that have featured Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Arkham Knight themes. And their latest outfit, is based purely on the Bat of Gotham:

That, is stunning work UD Replicas. Every stitch, every seam, it all looks properly authentic and I’d easily murder Matty for a set of those leathers so that I can raise hell on my 110 PGO scooter. BEWARE, CRIMINAL SCUM!

The only catch here, is that you’re looking at spending around $1900 on a full suit, which includes the jacket, pants, belt, boots and glove gauntlets. And that’s without shipping or sales tax. You’ve still got to get your hands on a cape and cowl, although if you can spring for this from UD Replicas however, it shouldn’t be a problem. WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to lust after the one suit that I genuinely, truly must have because dammit look how properly sexy it is. LOOK AT IT! Huuuuuuuuuuuuu.

Last Updated: March 16, 2016

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