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Apparently the Xbox One is better than the PlayStation 4

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Dmanit I'm missing some pieces

Yes the day has finally come, the Xbox console One review embargo has dropped and we can now compare the two consoles directly against each other.. well we can compare external reviews because Microsoft South Africa has not received any Xbox One consoles for us to even look at never mind review.

From what I can find, and I could be wrong, but Polygon is the only site on the planet that thought it was a good idea to give a console itself a score in their review. Now I’m all for review scores on games, I feel it makes the reviewer really contemplate what they have written and put their neck on the line with a score. It also helps lazy readers who just scroll down to the number at the end.

But to do this to a piece of hardware that is pretty much useless without the software seems absurd. Anyway they did it. And according to them the Xbox One is a solid 8 while they only thought the PlayStation 4 deserved a 7.5

So let’s all point and laugh at Polygon for being ridiculous.. and then I’m going to go cry in the corner about how beautiful their articles are and how I wish I had millions of dollars to pay for that.

But they aren’t the only site to drop a Xbox One review today, Rolling Stone broke the embargo early to state that the Xbox One is a slice of the future and that while the PS4 wasn’t the entertainment hub they expected the Xbox One definitely is.

Engadget has come out and stated that the Xbox One offers the best multitasking of any console and that the games and user interface are incredible. But it’s still missing the streaming, sports and upload studio.

Arstechnica on the other hand thinks it’s a quality machine but it isn’t worth the $100 extra and they recommend going with the PS4. The Telegraph doesn’t go that far but it does state that the content isn’t here yet to justify that high price tag.

And that’s the same angle Kotaku takes, it’s not worth the purchase yet but what surprised me about their review is that they complained about the software not working correctly. Something I didn’t expect from Microsoft.

To round things off we have Cnet who also state that the Xbox One is a solid system but with dodgy voice controls and that extra $100 it’s just not ready for the mainstream purchasers just yet.

So all in all there are quite a few mixed reviews and the overriding recommendation is that unless you are a hardcore gamer (Hi, everyone reading this site!) then you should hold off until Microsoft can fix some of the software issues. Which is good news for everyone as it means the console itself is a solid piece of kit that just needs some software tweaking.

Last Updated: November 20, 2013

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