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Are gamers giving up on Titanfall already?

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An interesting thread has popped up on NeoGAF asking readers if Titanfall’s population was dropping already or if the game still had the support of the masses.

Unfortunately for us Africa dwellers the question is a bit moot since we don’t have any local servers and that makes the game very difficult to fully enjoy.

However we aren’t the only ones who seem to be struggling with one poster from Australia claiming that even though they have a local server they simply can’t get any games on it resulting in them having to use the Western USA one instead.

“It’s near impossible on the Australian server. So most of us jump into the West US server and while games are found even there it’s not that quick.”

However he goes on to state that he thinks the problem is with the matchmaking system itself and not the population.

But all that did was get people questioning how large the online population is, which appears to be an impossible question to answer.

Unlike with the other top shooters, Call of Duty and Battlefield, in Titanfall there is no count of the number of online players. A member of Respawn posted that while he couldn’t post numbers he didn’t agree with the train of thought that the online audience was dwindling.

“Wish I could share numbers, but it’s pretty interesting watching people defend their POV with absolutely no data whatsoever. Not to bash at all, since perception becomes popular reality whether I like it or not.”

He also went on to state that sales figures are the responsibility of their publisher, EA Games, to release and it doesn’t look like EA Games actually releases sales figures for any of their titles anymore.

However he does mention that Titanfall is the number 1 selling game on the Xbox One so it definitely sounds like it wasn’t a sales flop.

Personally the lack of single player and extra online content meant that I lost interest in Titanfall pretty quickly. I would want to jump back into it when the Xbox One is released locally so I’m hoping the audience isn’t dropping as quickly as the guys at Neogaf think it is –  but it is worrying.

Last Updated: June 30, 2014

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