Are Sony prepping another version of the PS Vita?

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While I’m slightly addicted to my PlayStation 4 I have yet to see any reason to ever own a PS Vita, or any PlayStation mobile, again. I get more than enough of a gaming fix on the iPad and iPhone and if I’m home I’d rather just use on of the proper gaming machines.

I’m not alone in this feeling with the PS Vita struggling outside of its regular power bases and consistently falling way behind Nintendo’s family of 3DS products.

However it looks like Sony hasn’t given up on its mobile option yet with images of a new trademark filing hitting the Internet this morning.

There was no name linked to the device, other than “Mobile gaming device” but it’s quite obvious that it is another version of the PlayStation Vita.

With some nice possible improvements such as (* for the wild guesses)

  • HDMI Out
  • Secondary shoulder triggers
  • SD Card slots*
  • Sim Card*

I’ve not got much interest in getting it myself but would the inclusion of an SD Card slot and those triggers be enough to tempt you?

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The reaction of Neogaf is all over the place, some people are extremely excited while others don’t see anything more than a slight upgrade.

While others such as Dualshockers are claiming that it’s all entirely fantasy as the trademark is simply to do with moving the buttons slightly and has absolutely nothing to do with adding any new ports or triggers.

While it looks like Dualshockers are likely the most accurate here it is interesting to take a look at the reactions of the community and see what people are hoping for.

Last Updated: April 21, 2015

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