Are you excited for the new Men in Black game?

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I heard yesterday that a new Men in Black game was in development and without knowing anything else I immediately was excited about the fact that I can don my snazzy suit and glasses and go kick some alien ass.

So when I saw a link this morning claiming to have some MIB screenshots it was my first port of call… and now I’m sad.

When I think of Men In Black I think of top notch technology, amazing CGI and tons of fun. What I don’t think off is this…


I mean what the hell is that? It looks like some rejected Max Payne title from before Max Payne was first envisioned.

Thankfully the second screenshot is a little more appealing but it still leaves a lot to be desired. We know that studio’s normally release bullshots (amazingly rendered screenshots that will never occur ingame) but releasing a screenshot that’s so bad it makes my eyes water is a near marketing stunt to me.


Let’s just say my hopes for MIB are destroyed and I’m now expecting the worst, please don’t make me right.

Last Updated: October 14, 2011

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