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Are you good at COD and want $1 million? Then click here

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Show me the money

We’ve mentioned the $1 million COD tournament before but hey it’s a million dollars so we surely have to mention it again. The entries close in 16 days time and there are already 19 teams entered but only 4 have actually completed all the requirements.

You can see all the entered teams on the Major League gaming website under the South Africa Championship Qualifier Tournament page right here.

There is no cost to enter and only a single prize. An entry into the main tournament itself. But a ticket is no use without the ability to get over to the States and dominate the opposition now is it?

Well that evil corporation you hate so much maybe isn’t that evil after all as Activision has already pledged to cover the costs of getting our very best team over to America to show their stuff. Now I don’t care what you think of the company that is truly a nice way to give back to the players of their game.

According to the people in the know, if you do decide to enter your main competition is going to come down to Team Adept and High 5 but in reality we haven’t had anything so important for all COD players to sign up for yet so there isn’t really any favourites right now.

The qualifier will allow up to 512 teams to enter so have no fear, if you can get 4 people together you too can compete to win your share of $1 million.

Oh and before any snide remarks make it to the comments. This is not an officially MSSA sanctioned event and you will not be Team South Africa at the competition. You will however be known as the best team from South Africa and you will have your flag next to your name to show where you come from.

That’s it, may the best team win and make sure you get registered by the 22nd of February and for the love of all that is holy read the rules and don’t lose your match because you forgot you weren’t allowed to do that or use that.

Oh and if you wonder how good the competition is then take a look at this MLG video from late last year

And yes the finals will be on Xbox Ones so if you win the local qualifier you are going to want to invest in that console

Last Updated: February 6, 2014

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