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Are you in JHB, are you going to the meet up tomorrow?

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There have been a lot of community meet ups popping up around the country and as a rule we don’t generally cover them all otherwise you’re going to be swamped.

However I’m making the exception today for two reasons, one it’s an incredibly slow news day right now and I’m desperate for a story (hey at least I’m honest) and two.. well because you get free stuff at this meet up.

So what are you doing tomorrow morning at around 11am? If the answer is nothing then why not head on over to this facebook events page, click that you’re going and then head on over to Nintendo South Africa’s offices in the morning. Okay granted it’s not really Nintendo SA it’s actually Core who have the exclusive rights to distribute Nintendo..

They also have the rights to distribute Apple goods so it’s a good time to collect those iPhone accessories you’ve been holding off on.

That and you get to meet at least 38 gamers who have confirmed they are going which includes the lovely Pippa Tshabalala from Verge TV and Garth Holden from the 10/10 Skyrim review.

Oh yes and those freebies, if you confirm on Facebook prior to attending the event you will also receive a free event deck of Pokemon cards and don’t worry if you don’t know anything about Pokemon as apparently they’ll be giving demonstrations and lessons at the event.

So that’s that, see you there.

Last Updated: March 9, 2012

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