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Ask not what Kinect can do for you, but rather what you can do for Kinect

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I’d like to continue on from the cheesy headline into an even cheesier story about how ridiculous this Kinect video is, from the fake actors to the ridiculous background music to the stupid ideas being shown… but you see that’s the thing.

Some of these ideas are real already and some of them if they aren’t real are absolutely fantastic and it’s incredible what Kinect has been able to accomplish in a year.

My tipping point in this video is the little kid doing the knee curls and it being turned into a game. I destroyed both my knees in my teenage years and I’m supposed to be doing those exercises on a daily basis so that I don’t lose my ability to walk in a couple of years but I really couldn’t be bothered. It’s boring and painful and I’m incredibly lazy.

However if I could do my knee exercises in the form of a game and receive achievements points for that there is a far greater probability of me doing the exercises. Not to mention if the game kept on being updated to keep it new and fresh.

Microsoft originally released the Kinect only for the Xbox 360 and actively hunted down people hacking it for PC use, then the penny dropped and they decided it was actually a great idea to let these people go wild and last week they even released a commercial API for the Kinect.

So enjoy the video and if you’re in the Sandton area this week make sure to pop past and check out the Kinect Experience that starts tomorrow to see all the latest games we’re going to be getting locally.

Last Updated: November 2, 2011

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