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Assassins Creed IV Black Flag: AAAARRRGH MATEYS!

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Assassins Creed has become one of Ubisofts biggest IP’s, receiving an almost annual visit into the world of an Assassin. What makes this one different? You’re a pirate!

Everybody knows that being a pirate is awesome and promises rum and buried treasure. Ubisoft showcase the latest trailer, showing some drunken pub brawling and even some ship sailing filled with cannon destruction. The gallant life of a sea faring pirate! That’s not enough for our new assassin, as he finds his way onto the enemy ship for some up close and personal kills.

Epic naval battles, violent land skirmishes… what more could you want? We are told about the research that went into the era that the game is set in. Pirates are the perfect example of freedom and rebellion and that inspired this particular Assassins Creed game context? The Caribbean has many places to explore and a fair set of variety. Looking for loot? Hell, why not ransack some forts or go looking down on the surface of the ocean for some hidden treasures?

Gameplay and such aside, the locals look absolutely lush and gorgeous. I can’t help but compare it to Pirates of the Caribbean, and it looks awesome!

Last Updated: June 11, 2013

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