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Assassin’s Creed Syndicate’s story trailer explains your socialist tendencies

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I have been enjoying the build up to Assassin’s Creed this year. I know many people have franchise fatigue, and I get that. But even Rob got over his franchise fatigue when he played the game in London, and I’m sort of convinced that this will be the best iteration in the series that we’ve seen in years.

That said, I was wondering about the seemingly Marxist slant of this game. Why are all the evil Templars also apparently evil capitalists? Well, this story trailer explains things a whole lot more.

Most surprising to me in the trailer is how much more likable Jacob suddenly has become. I still think that I will play as Evie the majority of the time because she offers the kind of play style that I prefer, but it’s nice to see that Jacob isn’t just the typical angsty young man we’ve come to expect from the Assassin’s Creed protagonists. Instead, he seems like a bit of a brash wise-cracker, which is definitely welcome. Evie is clearly the smarter and more serious one, which also works for me and should balance out Jacob’s more hot-headed temperament. I’m just glad that I’m actually growing to like Jacob – it will be a nice change of pace in an Assassin’s Creed game to actually like the main characters again; I haven’t felt that way since Ezio.

Are you tired of Assassin’s Creed because of the quality of the last couple installments or because of general franchise fatigue? What would Syndicate need to include to win you over again?

Last Updated: September 25, 2015

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