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Australian government rules that owners of Fallout 76 are owed a refund for their purchase

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The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission announced that Zenimax must offer refunds to anyone who bought Bethesda’s online Fallout game within a certain time frame.


Honestly, I love following the Fallout 76 beat. It’s such a chaotic frenzy of a game that it feels like there’s always something new just bubbling under the surface, waiting to spill over at any given time. Last week it was the announcement of a paid subscription to gain access to quality of life features that upset the community (rightfully so), earlier this week it was that actual class warfare has exploded throughout the game world as Fallout 1st subscribers clashed with non-subscribers. Now to round the week out it seems that the Australian government has officially decided that Fallout 76 is enough of a mess that people deserve to have their money refunded.


Announced in an official statement yesterday, the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission declared that any Australian citizen who contacted Zenimax about a refund between the game’s launch on November 24, 2018 and June 1, 2019. The statement by the ACCC reads that Zenimax has recognised that they “were likely to have misled consumers about their consumer guarantee rights in relation to the online action game Fallout 76”. Which sounds like a very kind way of saying they did a big lie to anyone who bought the game.


The Australian government, which is notorious for its harsh banning of games that feature, how should I put this…unsavoury content, has clearly recognised the dumpster fire that Fallout 76 has been since launch and I can only imagine the extra controversy stirred up by the recent subscription service was enough to push them even further into making their decision. Zenimax has reportedly also promised to “amend its customer service documents and scripts to address the ACCC’s concerns about misrepresentation of the consumer guarantee rights under the ACL.”

Hey, I guess sometimes it pays to live in the closest thing we have to a real-life post-nuclear wasteland.

Last Updated: November 1, 2019

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