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Avatar vs Modern Warfare 2 – Battle of the Billion entertainers

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I am sure you have heard before that the gaming industry is now *the* biggest entertainment industry and that Modern Warfare 2 has managed to earn over a billion dollars since it’s launched.

But as soon as you get into a conversation about this people bring up the fact that the game costs way more than a movie ticket and so you can’t compare the two fairly without taking all the other sides into account.

Well @pottan (a producer over at DICE) has tweeted an awesome financial breakdown between the smash hits Avatar and Modern Warfare 2.

The full image is after the break but the important things to note would be that the average movie ticket is costed at $7.20 while the average game is $59.99. it cost $230 million to make Avatar and only $50 million for MW2. Their advertising budgets were similar and Avatar is about to hit a billion dollars profit..


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Oh and if anyone knows who first made this image please let me know so I can add them as an accurate source.

Last Updated: January 26, 2010

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