Avatars To Invade Facebook After Next Update?

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As most of you know, the next major update to the Xbox 360 dashboard is going to contain a host of new features. The inclusion of social networking services such as Twitter and Facebook inside the dashboard is quite a big deal for a lot of those that are hopelessly addicted to them.

During this weeks Lazygamer Podcast, whilst discussing the new Avatar Marketplace, Marc from QCF Design joked that “you will be able to see your Avatar, from Xbox, on Facebook”.

This got us thinking, what if this is the case and Microsoft are planning to include functions that not only show your Avatar in Facebook but have them change according to what you are doing or playing?

We may be onto something. More after the jump.

The possibilities for Avatar integration are pretty endless so it would make sense for Microsoft to look into this sort of functionality.

What if your Avatar shows up in Facebook and then changes according to what game you are playing or what you are currently doing. Playing Gears of War? Why not then have the Avatar whip out a chainsaw (even if only in a static image) or have its outfit change into Spartan armor when you load up Halo 3?

A jukebox pitches up when you are listening to music, popcorn and sodas arrive when you are watching movies, the possibilities really are endless and the value of this type of promotion for Microsoft is enough that they would really take a good look at having something like this integrate into Facebook, if not now then in future.

Do you think that Avatar integration into Facebook (and possibly even other apps or sites in future) is a good idea? I know that the casual market will probably scream in glee at the idea of having their Avatars work together with the massively popular social networking site.

Let us know in the comments.

Last Updated: August 6, 2009

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