Awesome GTA V glitch, kamikaze planes

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Grand Theft Auto V is still being played by tons of people all over the world and with any open world game you know you are going to be finding a ton of glitches and bugs that can either ruin or make the game.

This latest glitch found in GTA V is truly an awesome one where you can force stationary planes to take off and if you are really lucky to then chase you until one of you dies.

The video below shows you how you can do this.

If like me you were too busy watching the video to see the instructions then don’t worry I have your back.

Step 1:

Fully modify Pegassi Zentorno with this wing.

Then after that you need to shoot the centre of the wheel to lower the vehicle.

You are going to need the vehicle to drop twice.

Step 2:

Enter the airport in style.

Who knows if you really need to enter in flying style like this but hey it doesn’t hurt right

Step 3:

Next up you need to find a plane like this one and drive into it just right.

Just right appears to be T-Boning it perfectly in the middle.

Step 4:

And then all you need to do is pick up some severe speed and smack the plane again from the other side in exactly the same position.

And if you do it right the plane will take off and either fly off into the distance or it will turn around and chase you down.

Now all you need to do is get 4 or 5 of these into the air and then go attack that military base, come on you know you want to.

Kotaku has an animated gif of one taking off in a different manner so you are going to want to mess around and see what works best for you.

Last Updated: May 19, 2014

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