Azir revealed for League of Legends

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Riots Games have been a but slow in releasing new champions for their extremely popular MOBA, League of Legends. At least, they were earlier this year, with Gnar being unleashed just a few weeks ago. That holiday seems to be over, and already we’ve got our first look at probably the most broken new Champion I’ve ever seen.

Riot Games have revealed Azir, the Emperor of Sand as the new champion headed to League of Legends. Like most other new characters before him, Azir sounds pretty much broken for the start, with a few of his abilities giving you absolute control of the playing field and team fights.

Azir can summon non-targetable soldiers that can fight for him, giving him his own personal creep wave that enemies can’t do much about. Additionally Azir can dash to any one of these minions, stunning any enemies hit along the way. In order to control the lane and basically piss everyone off in the Baron pit, Azir can place phalanx that covers the entire width of a lane. Enemies are pushed back by the wall and cannot get past it.

So it sounds like Azir can really control a lane well, but I think many will try and play him as a strong pusher because of his final ability. Azir can summon his own sentry to replace fallen turrets on either side of the map. This sentry can be destroyed, but can also earn gold for Azir. So knock down an enemy turret and immediately place down your own, and you’ve got a pretty good farming machine.

Like I said, he sounds just a little bit broken, don’t you think? Riot Games hasn’t announced when Azir will launch publicly, but you can expect it to be soon.

Last Updated: August 27, 2014

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