Batman: Arkham Asylum Video Preview

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Until now, Batman: Arkham Asylum has only managed to draw mild to decent excitement from the gamers of the world, if only because a lot of us haven’t really had the chance to see the game doing what it does best.

First comments are starting to pop up here and there and they are looking very positive, with some sites even saying that this is the best superhero game to date.

With the games release just around the corner, GameTrailers have put together a great video preview for the title and if you think you may even mildly be interested in what the game has to offer, then I suggest you take a look.

I was on the fence about this game but after seeing the preview, I think that I am going to pick a copy up when the game releases at the end of August. It’s looking pretty awesome.

Check the video preview out, posted after the jump.

Last Updated: August 3, 2009

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