Batman: Arkham Knight’s dual-play feature has you swapping capes on the fly

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Some of the greatest things in life have come from the result of pairing up. Cheese and onion chips. A bit of Fry and Laurie. The Rock ‘n Sock connection. Even Batman has seen the value of partnering up on occasion, going through Robins the same way that bad Mexican food goes through a colon. In Arkham Knight, you won’t just be teaming up with the extended Bat-family to help save Gotham City however. You’ll be switching between vigilantes on the fly.

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Hot off the new trailer, comes official news of a new ‘Dual-Play’ gameplay mechanic. According to Warner Bros, players will be able to play as Robin, Nightwing, Azrael or Catwoman during combat sequences, utilising their own style of free-flow combat:

For the first time ever, watch Batman: Arkham Knight’s exciting new “Dual Play” feature in action, which will allow players to seamlessly switch between The Dark Knight and his allies including Robin, Nightwing, and Catwoman in FreeFlow Combat.

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It’s not the first time that players have been able to step into the boots and heels of a different character in a Batman game. Arkham Asylum allowed players to experience a touch of madness as the Joker:

While Arkham City gave players the chance to mix things up as Nightwing in the challenge maps, gave Robin his own DLC to play through and Catwoman a substantial part of the game to inhabit:

And even Arkham Oranges allowed players to become the deadliest mercenary alive, Slade Wilson AKA Deathstroke, in a 1 vs. 100 challenge:

And of course, there’s the Harley Quinn DLC for the game, provided that you pre-order right freakin’ now dammit. How the mode will be properly implemented without disrupting a free-flow combat combo with dunked sauce has yet to be fully revealed, but I’d hazard an educated guess that players will be able to swap out vigilantes during the slow-mo sequences of an attack.

Last Updated: April 28, 2015

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