Batman: Arkham Multiplayer Confirmed – Good thing?

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The UK Playstation magazine, PS3M have just confirmed that Batman: Arkham City will be getting multiplayer.

This news comes after a lot of speculation that Catwoman would indeed be the character for such a role. While it has not yet been confirmed if the multiplayer will be co-operative or versus, I see the co-op side of things working out much better.

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That said, as a huge fan of Batman: Arkham Asylum, I am not entirely sure that multiplayer would work at all. One of the biggest charms of the first game was exploring the asylum as Batman in all his solo I’m-Batman-I-will-take-you-down awesomeness.

What do you think, will co-operative play work? I can maybe even understand if it’s set up as a seperate mode, much along the lines of the great co-op missions in Splinter Cell: Conviction.

What say you?

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Last Updated: September 1, 2010

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