Batman says that there might be future episodic DLC content for Arkham City

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Or at least his manly, baritone voice thinks so. Kevin Conroy, long time Batman voice artist recently spoke to at this years Comic Con, revealing some interesting info about this soon to be released and highly anticipated title.

When asked about his future voice-acting prospects for the dark knight, Conroy had this to say;

The gaming now is a big, new thing. The thing about Arkham City is that it’s going to be an ongoing game. You’re going to be able to download future episodes of it, so it’s going to be going on for quite a while. I’ve been recording it for a while. So that will continue. I do a lot of commercial voiceovers because I live in New York and that’s where Madison Avenue and a lot of the ad agencies are based so there’s a lot of commercial work there. When I do animation work I have to be in L.A. So I tend to do a lot more commercial stuff right now.

While an official announcement about future content has yet to be made, or whether it will be DLC such as new missions or more challenge maps, is uncertain, but at least Batman himself is confident that Arkham City will continue beyond the initial game.



Last Updated: July 22, 2011

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