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Battlefield 3: An Opinion

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So to catch everyone else up on my Battlefield 3 experience. I received a PS3 copy for review a while back and after playing a fair amount felt that a score of 8.5 was fair.

The game felt good but not great and while it was a lot of fun I found it to be a small improvement over Battlefield Bad Company 2 and not the great leap I was expecting.

This set off a round of comments about me not playing it enough / right / well… etc that just never seemed to stop. It was so loud that I eventually felt I was missing something and have now collected a PC and Xbox 360 version to give those a try to see if maybe I am missing something on the PS3 version as I just wasn’t really enjoying it that much.

First the PC version.. didn’t work properly on my laptop.. so ended that experiment.

And onto the Xbox 360 version I went. For the first 3 hours the game seemed to be exactly the same as the PS3 version. Granted, I was a bit better as I prefer the Xbox 360 controller to the kids toy that is the Dualshock but all in all the game was the same.

Then this weekend I got into a defensive rush game that blew my mind. We all worked perfectly as a team and while I took out all the lone wolves surging forward on the opposing team my team mates setup C4 and along with some carefully placed rocket launchers all the tanks, jeeps and boats were held at bay.

We eventually won the game with 1 MCOM station remaining and with some incredible team work. It was an amazing experience and easily one of my favourite gaming moments of 2011.

So I eagerly ignored the disastrously poor lobby system and was hurled back into a game of attacking rush with the same crack team that just performed miracles and expected another great experience.

…Which just never came. The teamwork was off and I was forced through 12 minutes of annoyance and irritation at the glitch fest that is Battlefield 3. From clipping to lagging to pumping 2938623489564 bullets into someone without them dying to anything else you can think off. The round was an utter mess and I literally ended with 0 kills even though I threw a grenade into a pile of people who didn’t move and pumped a full clip into the enemy from 10 meters away without him dying.

And that to me is the real Battlefield 3, some games are awesome if the team is working well and the other games are so incredibly annoying or boring that you forget that you started playing for fun instead of personal torture.

Yes I’ll continue to play Battlefield 3 hoping I get that great game experience again but the reality is that the game isn’t as good as some people make it out to be. It’s buggy as hell and not that much different to a previous Battlefield game on consoles. Maybe I just need to play more right? Or join a different team, or play it differently or maybe just maybe go play Modern Warfare 3 or Starcraft 2 instead if technical quality is what matters to me.

Last Updated: December 28, 2011

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