Battlefield 3 on consoles will have a server browser

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EA has confirmed via Twitter that their upcoming shooter, Battlefield 3, will include a server browser in their console version.

A server browser will allow for people to choose which server they would like to play on and which servers generally give them the best response.

Personally I am hoping it’s an advanced option that we can ignore for the most part as one of the things I really enjoy about console gaming is the simplicity involved. I want to be able to load up my game, check that Nick’s online and then join the opposing team and destroy him* without thinking about how that magic all works

But at the same time being able to force my connection to only look for local (ish) servers could make for a better long term experience.


*Nick generally destroys me in gaming but I can dream can’t I?

Last Updated: August 18, 2011

Gavin Mannion

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