Battlefield 3 to be on multiple discs on Xbox 360

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This isn’t confirmed as yet but it’s looking very likely indeed that Battlefield 3 will ship on multiple discs for the Xbox 360 and PC versions.

Battlefield 3 is making major waves at over Gamescom at the moment and during a quick Q&A session a question was put forward to the General Manager of Dice, Karl Magnusson, about the size of the game.

Specifically the question was whether or not the game will ship on multiple discs for the Xbox 360 and his slightly strange answer was

No Comment

The two logical answers I can think off are that he either doesn’t know or doesn’t want this news out in the open at the moment.

If he didn’t know there would have been no shame in saying they hadn’t got that far yet so nothing can be confirmed but but saying “No Comment” he has pretty much confirmed that the game will ship on multiple discs.

I guess that means my dreams of not exercising for the rest of the year have now been dashed.

Source: xg247

Last Updated: August 19, 2011

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