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Battlefield 4 won’t offer you gender customisation

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These boots were made for kicking your ass

I love me some current warfare games, but much like that time I kept my shaved legs warm by slipping on some nylon stockings, I wish that I could play as a lady just once. Short of chopping off my pickle and making that a reality, the next best thing, and less painful mind you, is to do so digitally. But these games don’t offer that option. And neither will Battlefield 4.

An unsourced advert popped up over the weekend on Evil Avatar, suggesting that the upcoming Battlefield 4 would not be a complete sausage festival. This is the advert in question:


But according to EA via VG247, it’s faker than Dolly Parton’s chest, as Battlefield 4 will have no such option available. Sorry ladies who routinely kick my ass in that game. The only feminine touch in that game so far is the sound of Rihanna in the backing music.


Last Updated: May 28, 2013

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