Battlefield Bad Company 2 Beta starts today for PS3 fans

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The original Battlefield Bad Company was the game I abandoned Modern Warfare for and so it seems history will repeat itself.

I am absolutely loving Modern Warfare 2 and am more than happy to dedicate plenty more multiplayer hours to it before the novelty wears off, however it is missing that one thing that Battlefield does better than anyone else.

Total destruction, if I see a sniper on a rooftop I want to be able to simply bring the entire building down instead of trying to take him out… I don’t have the precision skills to hit him but I do have the ability to rig the building with explosives and then bring it crashing down.

Bad Company is only out next year but for the PS3 fans the beta starts today, did anyone manage to get a ticket to the party?

Source: Destructoid

Last Updated: November 19, 2009

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