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Battlefield Bad Company 2 – Full Building Destruction

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Thinking about it now, I am actually quite surprised that Modern Warfare 2 doesn’t have environmental destruction included in the game… it changes the game so dramatically.

I remember playing the original Battlefield Bad Company and having some scummy sniper hiding in a door way of a building making it nearly impossible to get in, so I rigged the back of the building with C4, took down the entire wall and received a bullet in my skull for my hard work… but my team mate got the bugger and all was good in the world.

The new Battlefield however has taken things a bit further and now allows you to bring down an entire building which is awesome for getting rid of snipers on the second floor or setting up an ambush as they do in the video after the break.

I am so glad this game was pushed back to March, that is pretty much perfect timing for when I am going to be desperate for a new FPS title.

Last Updated: November 20, 2009

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