Battlefield Hardline E3 trailer now leaked

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The number of leaks surrounding Battlefield Hardline is really starting to make me think it is part of an elaborate marketing plan. But even if it is I don’t mind because this game is truly looking spectacular.

The latest leak is apparently the game’s first official trailer that was created for E3. EA’s realised that trying to remove things from the internet is fruitless, and are  not even attempting to take this down. They’ve even posted the information on the official Hardline site.

I guess the old adage of if you can’t beat them then join them works here.

The only thing that is giving it away now that it was a leaked trailer is that at the end we should head to for a 5 minute multiplayer demo that is currently not there. In fact on the site we are told we will hear more at the EA press conference to be held on Monday, which Darryn and Zoe will be at so stay tuned for the breaking news from that event on the site and via twitter.

To go along with the new trailer we have also stumbled across some nice screenshots for your eyeball glory.

With Microsoft having a stranglehold on the Call of Duty exclusives it isn’t overly surprising to see the trailer end off with a Sony advert.

There has been some good noises coming out of the Call of Duty Advanced Warfare camp but they are really going to have to pull off something special to take the shooter hype away from Battlefield Hardline which is looking exceptional.

Last Updated: June 6, 2014

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