Battlefield: Hardline won’t hit 1080p on consoles

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Battlefield Hardline not hitting 1080p?

Hardline is shifting the Battlefield gears a bit this year, trading in the military for an incredibly militarised police force. Visceral has been hard at work trying to create a game that makes up for all of Battlefield 4’s mistakes, but it looks like some “features” just can’t be shaken off. Like the resolution the game will run at apparently, as it’s going to mimic Battlefield 4.

In an interview with Australian website, EA PR confirmed that Visceral was aiming at launching Hardline at the same resolution on Xbox One and PS4 as Battlefield 4 (which was a launch title for both). Back then, Battlefield 4 ran at 720p on Xbox One and 900p on PS4, and over a year later it seems the engine hasn’t been able to produce anything better. Both versions will, however, aim for the sweet 60FPS mark.

Now coming from a localised PR agency casts some doubt over the authenticity of the information, which lead to a follow-up from Videogamer. An EA representative didn’t deny the information given by the local EA PR agency, but did state that there was no new information to share at the time. Now that the bta is out, we have real evidence that the game does indeed run at 720p on the Xbox One, and 900p on the PS4.

This obviously goes against so many previous claims about Hardline. At E3 last year Sony VP of publisher and developer relations, Adam Boyes, promised payers that Hardline would run at 1080p when it launched on PS4, while Visceral creative director Ian Milham confirmed that it would be the same on Xbox One. Judging from the beta alone, it seems neither is the case. And with the launch on a month and a bit away, there isn’t much time for Visceral to do anything about it if this really is the case.

Although it’s all a bit puzzling. I’m struggling to believe that the Battlefield implementation of Frostbite 3 engine hasn’t evolved since the launch of Battlefield 4. But if Visceral can’t get anything more out of it, what more are they meant to do?

Last Updated: February 4, 2015

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