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Battlefront 3 could have been awesome

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With the recent cancelling of Star Wars 1313 and the abysmal Start Trek review (they’re the same thing, right?) the news that we may have had a decent Star Wars title a few years back before it was cancelled can be a bitter pill to swallow.

Back in 2008 the gaming world was getting excited about the upcoming Battlefront 3 until, seemingly out of nowhere, Free Radical collapsed and the title was dropped by their new owners, Crytek.

This video footage is grainy and still pre-alpha so all the sexy textures and finishes are a long way off -  but just look at the size of the levels.

BF3 alphaNov from Blue_Monkey on Vimeo.

I want a game where I can leave a huge battle raging on the planet and fly up to a space ship in orbit and join the on ship battle there… now that’s something that would make me pay real money for a game.

Last night one of the QA testers for this title was on reddit doing an AMA. You can read through that here for an interesting insight into the world behind the scenes of gaming

Last Updated: May 6, 2013

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