Bayonetta developer Platinum Games returns to E3

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Just about everybody has a favourite developer, a studio who can do no wrong in their eyes. For Matty, that studio happens to be whoever the hell it is that keeps on making My Little Pony games. Poor guy has a problem I think. For me? Platinum Games. Some of the best gaming experiences that I’ve ever had, have come from their sublime grasp on nailing the core fundamentals of action and then adding ridiculous amounts of action to it. And they’ll be baysploding the joint, at E3 next week with a brand new title.

The studio that brought you Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising: Be Still My Beating Heart Revengeance Edition, will be showing off…something next week. IGN will apparently have the first exclusive look at 15:00 PT on June 16. I’ve got a ton of love for Platinum. Their games are just magical, polished and always worth a look at. Platinum just gets action, with any of their games perfectly hitting certain beats that keep the momentum flowing perfectly.

This also means that Platinum has possibly two projects on their plate as they go forward, as I’m still eagerly awaiting to see more of Scalebound, their rumoured open-world action title. There’s been nary a wiff of footage revealed beyond its E3 debut last year, and hot diggity the idea of Platinum crafting a game where you fight foes while riding a giant freakin’ dragon fills me with more excitement than a crate of Viagra.

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Which is why I’m predicting that my pants will explode next week.

Last Updated: June 9, 2015

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