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Elder scrolls online

Elder Scrolls Online is looking really pretty, and I’ve got to say I’m getting more than a little excited about it. Considering the success of previous Elder Scrolls games, I can only imagine how well an MMO version will go down. Now, as Bethesda reveal the character progression system, things are coming together.

Here’s the trailer detailing the character progression system.

For those of you who aren’t equipped for video, the broad strokes are about the attribute and skill systems. When you level up, you get an attribute and skill point. Attribute points can be used on one of the three main pools for the game, Health, Magica and Stamina. Skill points are a more specific way of defining your character through abilities and spells, as compared to attributes which go towards your survival skills or spell casting ability.

Morphing seems like an ability upgrade system. The example given is a healing ability that can be morphed to heal more people, or restore Magica upon casting.

Beyond active abilities, you can also spend skill points on passive abilities (generally my favorite). Additionally, there are a range of skills specific to the races and classes you have selected when creating your character. The goal is a high degree of customization, and it seems like there are a ton of options for just that.

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Could Elder Scrolls Online become the WoW killer? Will we see it gain dominance in the world of MMORPGs? Or are most Elder Scrolls fans single player gamers who don’t want to play with others? I’m curious to see if Elder Scrolls translates into a successful MMO. So far, it looks like something I’d definitely want to play.

Last Updated: December 4, 2013

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