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Become A Pro At Talking Smack Online – T1M3 2 g3t 5k00l3d!

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Men’s Lifestyle website Asylum.com has put together a seriously great article that basically teaches mere mortals the ins and outs of online gaming jargon.

Not only do they give the explanations for some of the phrases words that most of us have become so familiar with, but they have also added a few words and phrases that they would like to see become commonplace in the world of gaming as well.

If you have a friend or relative that still doesn’t know what’s going on in the world of L33t Speak, then forward them this article and watch in awe as they blossom into a pro trash talker within days.

Here is a taste of what they have to offer:

Teabagging: More a technique than an expression, it’s exactly like real-world teabagging: You squat your crotch down in someone’s face. Except in the gaming world, you do it in front of someone who’s dying or already dead. Charming. And a joy for the corpse-to-be, for sure. It all started in “Battlefield 1942” when players realized that, by crouching right on someone’s recently fallen body, you’d get a look of unmistakable balls-to-the-face. Usage: “PWNED! I’m teabagging you!!”

Do you know any great words or phrases that are missing from this wonderful list? Leave it in the comments so that the world may one day be as edjukated as you one day, and please keep it relatively clean.

Source: Asylum

Last Updated: February 25, 2009

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