One of my favorite debates among JRPG fans rages around which Final Fantasy was best. We can all agree on the worst ones, but somehow opinions are split about the best. Now, with HD improvements and reboots, we get to replay all our old favorites. One of which is coming to iOS and Android.

As part of the “Legacy” collection of games, every early Final Fantasy game will be brought to iOS and Android devices. Final Fantasy producer Takashi Tokita confirmed that this would include Final Fantasy VI. Like the other updates, the port will have better graphics and support touch screen controls. Tokita explains:

The battle systems have been altered for the other [mobile remakes] for Final Fantasy and VI will be the same. For instance grinding was an issue and people had to spend a lot of time leveling up. Now on the mobile devices the battle systems have been adjusted so you don’t have to fight as much and can enjoy the game for what it is.

[…]We are aware that we have tons of VII fans. We have VII fans in our own company. If this Legacy project works out well, we would like to one day be able to work with VII.

And with that, productivity will drop to an all-time low. Final Fantasy VI has to be one of the top 3 games in the franchise, if not number one. Right guys? Or are you all just FFVII fanboys?

Last Updated: October 10, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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