Bethesda Trademarks Fallout 4…in Europe

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Last week, rumours surfaced that Fallout 4 could be on the horizon, thanks to a new European site that very nearly suggested as much. And though they’ve almost been thoroughly debunked, there’s more information to get Wasteland wanderers saving their bottle caps.

Bethesda has now trademarked Fallout 4 in Europe (via Destructoid). Of course, they’ve owned the rights to the name for just about forever and keeping those trademarks is just sound business, but the timing is a little suspicious, given that The site, which may or may not be linked to Fallout.

If it is coming soon, the best place to keep a keen eye would be Spike’s recently renamed VGX’s, which is where Bethesda announced The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They’ll be aired in the US on Saturday, December 7 – and that’s a likely time to find out if Fallout 4 is coming soon, though the “teaser” site is counting down to December 11.

The best thing about a new game from Bethesda is the fact that the internet will once again be awash with people who’ve bought the game and lost 250 magical hours to it, only to still find things to complain about.

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Last Updated: November 18, 2013

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