Beyond: Two Souls sales tops 1 million

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David Cage and Quantic Dreams’ emotional  tour de farce Beyond: Two Souls was one of the most disappointing experiences for me last year. It wasn’t terrible, but it just didn’t offer me anywhere near as good a time as Heavy Rain did. Mostly, it veered off into that poorly written sci-fi twaddle arena that Fahrenheit/The Indigo Prophecy did. That hasn’t stopped it from doing pretty well.

Over a million people have picked up the Ellen Page vehicle since its debut last year, one of the PlayStation 3’s last swansongs before the arrival of the PS4.

That’s according to Quantic Dreams’ co-president Guillaume de Fondaumière, who tweeted as much.


On top of that, over 70 000 copies of those were sold in France alone, which is pretty darned good for a little country.


My biggest problem with Beyond: Two Souls was that it’s story – the very thing a cinematic bit of interactive fiction like this is hinged on – was all over the place; a confused and jangled mess. It actually starts off well enough, but once that Navajo bit started, I knew it would soon descend into being twaddle.

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And despite that all, I’m really looking forward to whatever it is Cage and Quantic have in store for the PS4 – provided Cage is actually able to hire some writers (or even better, an editor) who can rein his creative flights of fancy in a little.

Last Updated: January 13, 2014

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    It’s beautiful! BEAUTIFUL! So much EMOTION! trololo

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    I didn’t ever realize it came out.

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    Beyond: 1 Million Souls

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    Who is this Ellen Page person?

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      She won american idols i think

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          Ellen Page is an Hollywood movie actress.

          I really enjoyed BTS though. Could not put it down.

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