Bionic Commando Preview Q&A Now Live

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Hey everyone, as the Lazygamer mentioned earlier, we are trying to do something a little different here as we are trying to get more information to our readers and in a way that is a little more interactive.

As of now, I am going to be playing the Bionic Commando Preview code, until 3PM and we invite all of our readers to pop into this post and check out the frequent comments that are going to be posted. More importantly, if you pop in and want to ask any questions about the title, I will answer them for you immediately as I play, hopefully getting more of the answers and information that our readers want.

If support for the idea is good then we will look at doing more in future, and it should really shine when the big hitters start arriving near the end of the year!

Jump in now to find out more about the upcoming Bionic Commanda and ask a question or two.

Thanks again to Nu-Metro for supplying us with the preview code.

Last Updated: April 6, 2009

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