Bioshock Infinite’s getting a season pass

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I love how the gaming industry is in a phase where it can sell people on a promise. That’s why we’ve got pre-orders with numerous baiting techniques to lure us in, and of course, DLC. Most DLC is a one-off affair of new looks and gear, with the occasional biiger piece of story thrown in for good measure. Joining the club this week in the land of “we promise that it’ll be rad!”, is Irrational Game’s Bioshock Infinite. And yes, using Elizabeth and those big blue eyes to sell the extra content is a bastard genius move.

Publisher 2K Games announced to VG247 that the 1600 MS Points/ £15.99 cost for the season pass would be on sale from March 26, and will include three add-on packs. Of course buying the pass nets you a discount, as each DLC pack on their own will be in the 800 MS points range after release. Eager adopters also get the benefit of grabbing the Early Bird special pack with the pass, that throws some extra exclusive gear.

Such in-game items includes a machine gun damage upgrade, a pistol damage upgrade, a gold skin for both weapons and five Infusion bottles that can improve Booker’s health, defence or Vigor power. Sounds pretty decent, and with Levine mentioning that they’ve trimmed quite a few hours of gameplay and story from the final game, it could be something rather substantial.

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But you’d have to take their word on that. Or you could just be patient and wait for the GOTY edition to be announced. Unlike Geoff who is most likely already drooling for this game and season pass.

Last Updated: February 22, 2013

  • Sir Rants-a-Lot Llew

    Hahahaha. Header win!

  • Deon Steyn

    Make it “season ass”. You get the but it includes porn, then people will really buy.

    • OVG

      IM IN

    • OVG

      IM IN

    • OVG

      IM IN

    • OVG

      IM IN

  • OVG

    How are we supposed to be on-line 24/7 with share social gaming and cloud Gaikai streaming when it takes 40-90 seconds just to load this page? WITH A HUGE MWEB logo at the top ROFL

    • We’re having problems with our server.. we’re not hosted by Mweb. We are working on it

      • OVG

        Its those Pirates. They have hi jacked the fiber optic cable off the sea bed and are holding it to ransom with an axe :p

  • OVG


  • When did this kind of thing become the norm …. paying for gear and weapons and cut content … bleh … I fart in the face of DLC …

    • Sir Captain Rincethis

      And I fart alongside you… Erm…

      • LOL … hmmm I er …uhmm … thank you? ……

        • OVG

          I fart when I speak anyway… so yeah… DLC DLC DLC we vote with our wallets 🙁

          • DLC actually sounds like a political party, Diplomatic Lemon Congress … because when life gives you lemons, we say F*ck you , we want a complete game.

        • Sir Captain Rincethis

          Come on, it was before 9am, and I had not partaken in my coffee ritual. Which Attenborough once likened to the ‘naked mating plum dance of the strutting Brazilian forest swamp mole rat, in June’

          • I understand, I Plum dance too in the gardens of Eden. but uhmm…still, I fart alone, down the boulevard of incomplete games. thank you for the offer lol

  • DBL_ZA


  • Sir Captain Rincethis

    Firstly, header win. Secondly, after that BALLS up of A:CM, and the awesome special edition pack, I will NOT be baited by these people any more. I’d rather wait in my basement for a year to pick up the GOTY edition, while everyone clambers over each others new next-gen consoles, and get it then.

    • OVG

      Good point. I wonder how many people hold off now. Naa… not many.
      But with so many other games and little budget, Ill push this aside no matter how good it is because I hate DLC.

      Tomb Raider, Metal Gear, Dead Space 3 for cheap or other GOTY games like New Vegas or GTAIV with Gay Tony… decisions decisions.

  • OVG

    He must have fought very hard with his big wigs to get rid of multiplayer and keep it a traditional single player game. This must be the compromise.

  • Trevor Davies

    I’ll stick to being patient & buying it with all its content once and only once. My tolerance level for DLC & stuff has been reached & now it just irritates me to pay for an additional hour or two’s worth of content for a game that I finished playing a month earlier. I miss genuine expansion packs.

    • Wtf101

      Hear! Hear! I remember when I got the Call of Duty 1 (or two, cannot recall now) expansion packs back in the day and I kind of felt like I got a whole new game. But then again, expansion packs was really an optional extra in those days, as most games where quite satisfactory length wise

    • Yes, I miss the good ‘ol expansion pack. Now that was worth it!

  • Guest

    I’ll wait for the GOTYE Edition…….

  • Best to wait for

  • Decembermaloy

    “Hello (name of retailer), you know that Bioshock game I pre-ordered from you guys. Please cancel it. ‘Why?’ You ask. Surely you jest my kind sir. Alright, alright, I’ll tell you why, because FUCK PRE-ORDER DLC AND SEASON PASSES!!, that’s why. Toodles…”

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