Heroes of the storm

Bizzard’s MOBA started life as Blizzard DOTA. However, after legal battles with Valve, they changed it to Blizzard All-Stars. Well, now it’s pulling another Madonna – time to reinvent the Blizzard MOBA.

Blizzard has taken a pretty cute approach, releasing this animated short that doesn’t shy away from the fact that this game has been through a few iterations:

The MOBA is now called Heroes of the Storm and they’ve got their website, Facebook and twitter up and running – however, at this point, all they do is promote the new name. Heroes of the Storm will allow gamers to play as heroes and villains from the Diablo, StarCraft and Warcraft universes.

I’m curious how Blizzard’s MOBA will compare to the glut of MOBA games already out there. What can they bring to the genre that is new or innovative – Infinite Crisis already has the appealing character draw, so what will Blizzard bring to the party, and especially eSports? Do you think they will ride their brand name, hoping people buy it just because it’s from Blizzard? Or will we see something that redefines the future of MOBAs?

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Last Updated: October 18, 2013

was reviewed on PC

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