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BlizzCon 2021 will feature "what’s next" for Diablo and World of Warcraft

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BlizzCon is usually seen as a pilgrimage of sorts for fans of all things Blizzard. Two days of non-stop panels, reveals and a hard rockin’ concert that closes the weekend off, it’s a brilliant time to make friends and spend a ton of cash at the merchandise stalls. Seriously, my biggest regret in life is that I never dropped a silly amount of currency on the World of WarCraft Pandaren evening gown that was available the one year I attended.

This year though, BlizzCon is headed online thanks to that damn virus that has been a pain in the rearranged Mass Effect camera angle. BlizzConOnline will be a free show that will be streamed from February 20-21, and will encompass everything that Blizzard is currently ready to talk about. There’ll be a number of main channels that you can tune into, each one dedicated to a franchise, and providing deep dives into what’s next for those games and a behind the scenes look at other aspects of their creation.

After the opening ceremony, that will be held at the ungodly hour of 12AM this side, the fun begins! While Diablo 4 isn’t explicitly mentioned by name or number, Game Director Luis Barriga confirmed recently that the game will be seen at BlizzConOnline and that “something chunky” will be revealed. That’ll probably happen during the What’s Next panel that kicks off after the opening ceremony.

Here’s the rest of the schedule, in case you want to perfectly time your swallowing of no-doze tablets so that you can stay up. I also hear that coffee enemas work great. Also obligatory plug: We’re giving away a code that delightfully epic 30th Anniversary digital download goodie bag, so don’t forget to enter here.

World of Warcraft channel

World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft: What’s Next – 01:10 AM – 01:40 AM SAST

Members of the World of Warcraft development team discuss the latest content coming to Azeroth.

World of Warcraft Deep Dive – 01:40 AM – 02:10 AM SAST

Delve deeper into World of Warcraft with the development team.

World of Warcraft: Making of the Wandering Ancient Mount – 02:10 AM – 02:20 AM SAST

Ride along with the World of Warcraft team as they explore the process of building the community-chosen Wandering Ancient mount.

World of Warcraft: Voices of the Afterlife – 02:20 AM – 03:40 AM SAST

Join us as we take a look behind-the-scenes with the voice actors behind some of your favorite World of Warcraft characters. Hear them share their experiences bringing vibrant characters and stories to life.

February 21

World of Warcraft: The Evolution of Thrall – 12:05 AM – 01:05 AM SAST

Join Terran Gregory, Christie Golden, and Sean Copeland from Blizzard’s story and franchise development team as they look back on the evolution of the iconic World of Warcraft character Thrall.

World of Warcraft: Shadowlands Sound Creation – 01:05 AM – 01:15 AM SAST

The Blizzard sound team provides insight into how they approached the new zones of World of Warcraft: Shadowlands.

World of Warcraft: Cooking Workshop – 01:15 AM – 02:25 AM SAST

Chef Lulaboo is in the kitchen preparing dishes inspired by the food and ingredients of Azeroth. Join her to learn how you can craft them at home!

Hearthstone channel


Hearthstone Deep Dive – 01:10 AM – 01:55 AM SAST

Join the Hearthstone team and host Brian Kibler for a closer look at what’s coming to Hearthstone in 2021.

Hearthstone: Battlegrounds Exhibition – 01:55 AM – 03:40 AM SAST

Eight of Hearthstone’s most popular Battlegrounds streamers take center stage for this exhibition, hosted by Frodan. Who will take home the BlizzConline crown?

February 21

Hearthstone: Innkeeper Impressions – 12:05 AM – 12:10 AM SAST

Pull up a chair! Join the voice of Innkeeper himself, Terrence Stone, as he listens to impressions of Innkeeper voice lines submitted by the Hearthstone community, and decides which ones are common, epic, or legendary.

Hearthstone: Streamer Showdown – 12:10 AM – 02:20 AM SAST

Visual Core and ChanmanV present Streamer Showdown, a live game show that brings your favorite online personalities and streamers together for a battle of wits. This special Hearthstone edition at BlizzConline features Kripp, Alliestrasza, Liv Breeden, and Alec Dawson.

Hearthstone: Bartender Bob’s Advice – 02:20 AM – 02:25 AM SAST

Come on in, friend. Join Bartender Bob as he shares advice and inspiration with some friends of the Tavern.

Diablo channel

Diablo 4

Diablo: What’s Next – 01:10 AM – 01:50 AM SAST

Members of the Diablo development team discuss the latest content coming to Sanctuary.

Diablo: The Voice of Deckard Cain – 01:50 AM – 02:00 AM SAST

Stay a while and listen! The voice of Deckard Cain, Michael Gough, discusses how the iconic voice came to be and answers some questions from the Diablo universe.

Diablo Developer Roundtable – 02:00 AM – 02:40 AM SAST

Join the development team for a roundtable discussion about recent learnings and more.

Diablo: The Gothic World of Brom – 02:40 AM – 03:00 AM SAST

Legendary artist Brom sits down for a 1-on-1 interview to discuss his inspiration for all of his haunting contributions to the Diablo franchise, hosted by the person who may know him better than anyone: his son!

Diablo Deep Dive – 03:00 AM – 03:40 AM SAST – Delve deeper into Diablo with the development team.

February 21

Artists at Work: Diablo Hive Mother Part 1 – 12:05 AM – 01:10 AM SAST

Join artists from the Diablo team to see the beginning sketch phase of bringing a boss monster to life in Sanctuary.

Artists at Work: Diablo Hive Mother Part 2 – 01:10 AM – 02:25 AM SAST

Artists from the Diablo team continue their work of fleshing out a boss monster, adding color and detail.

Overwatch channel

Overwatch 2

Behind the Scenes of Overwatch 2 – 01:10 AM – 01:50 AM SAST

The Overwatch team gives a sneak peek behind the scenes of Overwatch 2. Join them as they dive into the development process and share some work in progress.

The Voices of Overwatch – 01:50 AM – 03:20 AM SAST

Join some of your favorite Overwatch voice actors as they share their experiences bringing the vibrant characters and stories of future Earth to life, then watch a performance of an iconic cinematic from the Overwatch universe.

Overwatch: Creating a Soundtrack – 03:20 AM – 03:40 AM SAST

Blizzard music director Derek Duke talks to the composers responsible for some of the most iconic scores in the world of Overwatch.

February 21

Overwatch: Community-Made Creations in the Workshop – 12:05 AM – 01:05 AM SAST

The Overwatch team turns the spotlight on some of the game’s most ambitious community creators forging custom experiences in the Workshop.

Overwatch League: Crafts with Soe – 01:05 AM – 02:15 AM SAST

Watchpoint host Soe Gschwind shows you step-by-step how to craft your very own Pachimari using modeling clay.

Blizzard Art Studio: Roadhog – 02:15 AM – 02:25 AM SAST

Overwatch artist Morten Skaalvik takes you step-by-step through how to draw the international criminal and one-man apocalypse, Roadhog.

Strategy channel

StarCraft Legends – 01:10 AM – 03:20 AM SAST

Ever wonder what would happen if StarCraft bonjwas from different eras faced off? Join us for Starcraft Legends, where the best players from StarCraft and StarCraft II clash as a team for era-spanning glory.

Where It All Started: Blizzard’s Early Years – 03:20 AM – 03:40 AM SAST

Get a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the early games that led to the creation of Blizzard Entertainment.

February 21

Artists at Work: CarBot Animation – 12:05 AM – 01:35 AM SAST

The team from CarBot Animation returns to BlizzConline! Gather ’round from wherever you are to see how their creations are made from start to finish.

Blizzard Art Studio: Tracer – 01:35 AM – 02:00 AM SAST

Overwatch artist Arnold Tsang takes you step-by-step through how to draw the time-jumping adventurer Tracer.

Blizzard Art Studio: Margrave Krexus – 02:00 AM – 02:25 AM SAST

World of Warcraft artist Jordan Powers takes you step-by-step through how to draw the former leader of the Necrolords’ House of the Chosen, Margrave Krexus.

Blizzard channel

BlizzConline Presents: A Critical Role Diablo Campaign – February 21 12:05 AM – 02:25 AM SAST

Critical Role hosts a custom Diablo-themed adventure about a band of warriors pursuing whispered rumors of something ancient and evil stirring beneath the ruins of Old Tristram.

Last Updated: February 11, 2021

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