Bloodborne delayed because of you

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Bloodborne is one of the most anticipated PS4 exclusives coming next year. It appears to build upon all the lessons learned from Souls games, and will harness the power of the new generation console to bring us the most impressively horrifying game to date. But it needs a bit more time for release.

Bloodborne was originally scheduled for February 2015, but it has now been pushed back. Don’t worry though, it’s only been delayed by a month, now releasing in March 2015 and for a good reason:

We were really grateful for all the player data and feedback we received from those who took part in our recent limited alpha test, and this extra development time will allow us to better integrate these learnings into the game.

The game is now scheduled to launch on PS4 on 25 March 2015. They are also teasing some more news being released in the coming weeks, so prepare for more videos, screenshots or game details.

This news actually makes me happy. I know delays aren’t fun and we all want the games when we want them. However, I no longer take a delay as a sign of issues with a game, or that a game will disappear into development hell. These kinds of delays just prove to me that From Software doesn’t want to ship a bug-riddled game. I would much rather wait a month or two (or even six if necessary) for a game that delivers on its promise.

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Are you pleased to hear that they are focused on quality, or far too sad resetting your countdown clock?

Last Updated: November 12, 2014

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