Bloodborne teases Gamescom gameplay reveal

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Are you excited for all the gameplay reveals that we’re supposed to see during Gamescom? Apparently a new trailer is dropping soon for Bloodborne, but in the meantime we can check out a teaser for the trailer thanks to the PlayStation Instagram account. However, more than building hype, it seems to be spawning memes.

Here is the original teaser:

Yes, it’s a door and something desperately trying to get through said door. Is it Havel? Is it some new demon of destruction? Perhaps more of those terrifying dogs we’ve seen? Well, according to these gifs via NeoGAF, it could just be Antonio Banderas.

bloodbornebloodborne sam l jackson


What could be behind the door? Considering how little we really know about the game, I wouldn’t be surprised by anything. We know it’s some weird form of Dark Souls that includes a blunderbuss/shotgun and feels rather steampunk. Sounds fantastic – I will definitely be itching to get my hands on this game this week so I can tell you if it’s as cool as it sounds. What would you like to see of gameplay when Sony reveals more at their press conference? Is this looking like the follow up to Dark Souls that you’ve been waiting for, or is it all just too dark and difficult for you?

I love how the internet spawns memes, by the way. Someone please make us some lazygamer versions of these – you know you wanna. Oh who am I kidding? One does not simply add lazygamer to Bloodborne memes.

Last Updated: August 12, 2014

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