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Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night guide – Where to find the Carpenter, Celeste, Millionaire and Warhorse keys and rooms

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A spooky castle, plenty of Gothic set design and a design that clearly favours the ol’ 2D school of thought. Man, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night is a heck of an homage to Metroidvania games of old, isn’t it? Much like the games that influenced it, the latest Bloodstained game also has plenty of secrets up its sleeves. Hidden rooms, mystical mysteries and powerful bosses who hide items of great power within the walls of your current locale.

Some are obvious, whereas others require you to do a little bit of digging to get to the good stuff. Here’s how you can lay your hands on the keys needed to open these locked rooms, if you’re brave enough to take down the monsters waiting inside that is. And if you don’t have time for words, then the videos below should also help you to visualise where to go as well! Double-rad!

Where to find Carpenter’s key and room

  • If you have the Invert ability already, ignore the next two steps
  • Go to the Hidden Desert, where you will find the Deep Sinker Shard that allows you to sink deeper so that you can reach treasure chests
  • Go to the Inferno Cave and fight the boss there to receive the Invert ability
  • Go to Dian Cecht Cathedral, use the Invert ability to dodge traps and receive the Carpenter’s key from the chest at the end
  • Go to the Oriental Sorcery Lab, go past the fast travel room until you reach a locked door
  • Fight the Master Carpenter boss, who’ll reward you with a Chisel Barrage ability that allows you to fling plenty of those tools at enemies

Where to find Celeste’s key and room

  • Go to the Hall of Termination
  • You’ll need to double-jump your way across all platforms to reach the room on the right next to the save room
  • Break through the ceiling, where you’ll find a room that has several chests and Celeste’s Key
  • Go to the Livre Ex Machina area, where you’ll spot music boxes and a chair by the table
  • Go to the chair on the right, sit on it and a Phantom will appear
  • After all this, you’ll now be able to enter Celeste’s Room

Where to find Millionaire’s key and room

  • Go to the East side of the Den of Behemoths
  • Go to the top section
  • Fight the Silver Wolfman and Marbas to clear this area, then invert the map to the right
  • Jump down from the ledge, go left until you see a green chest
  • Inver the map to access the chest and obtain the Millionaire’s key
  • Go to the Hall of Termination, go down from the boss fight hallway until you spot a ledge that is sticking out of a glowing door which is locked
  • Unlock the door and be prepared to battle the Millionaire’s Bane
  • Defeating Millionaire’s Bane will unlock the Jackpot ability which allows you to call in a one-armed bandit to help you in battle

Where to find Warhorse key and room

  • Go to the Glacial Tomb and be wary of the G Axe Outsider
  • Defeat G Axe Outsider and you’ll be able to grab the Millionaire’s key from the chest
  • Go to the Garden of Silence, and ride the chariot
  • When the chariot stops, go down the hole on the left
  • Fight the Revenant inside the room, who’ll drop the Ruinous Rood ability once you defeat him
  • This will now give you a Spinning Boomerang Blade attack

Last Updated: June 25, 2019

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