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Blu-Ray or HD?

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 Okay so the latest sales figures have been released by the HD-DVD camp and they are claiming that stand alone HD-DVD players are outselling stand alone Blu-Ray players

This has obviously gotten the HD-DVD fanboys jumping up and down. However they are ignoring the million plus PS3’s out there that can play Blu-Ray so really does that press release count.

Anyway not to be outdone the Blu-Ray camp has now released figures saying they have sold more discs than HD-DVD over the past few months… Which is all good and well but to be perfectly honest neither of them are selling much compared to DVD’s at all.

So as much as both sides are claiming an early victory neither side is winning yet. The other much vaunted opinion is that HD-DVD will win because the porn industry is backing it. That may have helped VHS in the past but now with the internet the majority of porn is delivered electronically so I cannot see it making much of a difference.

Either way you are going to have to wait to see who wins, if anyone, this battle.

Last Updated: April 24, 2007

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